What type of session should I have?

Great question. Some of you are on this site because you know you want to get sexy in some lingerie, or maybe go play in a golden field for your photographs. But, many women tell me they “just want to be photographed, but they don’t know how.” That’s awesome actually. Really it is. Just call us at 250-890-9222, we will chat, and ask questions and I promise together we will find the best way to celebrate you.

Should I wait until I lose those last ten pounds?

Women are so critical of themselves and part of this process is letting go of that. We ask that you celebrate yourself as you are today – you are enough! You are beautiful, and the posing and lighting I provide is going to show you at your best!

I am so nervous! Is this normal?
Honestly, we’ve yet to meet someone who wasn’t. You’re putting yourself out there. It’s a vulnerable position to be in, I understand that, and honour it. I promise you that I will put you at ease.

I am not really a “sexy, lingerie kind of woman,” can I still have a boudoir session with you?

Yes, please do!! Lingerie isn’t for many people and that still means you deserve to have photos of yourself that make you feel empowered. Check out the galleries to see how other women approached this.

What do I wear?

Oh my gosh! Of course you are thinking about this – well, unless you envision your session “au naturel.”  We are going to give you information and ideas to get  you excited about choosing what to wear. Don’t worry – we have you covered!

What about professional makeup? And hair?

For boudoir sessions especially, we highly recommend professional make-up, to get you in the mood and bring out your best features.  Check out the “friends” page for make-up artists we love working with. We can also personally guide you to who we think will be the best fit personality- and style-wise for you.

Should you have your hair done? For boudoir we often mess it up, so it isn’t always worth it, unless we are creating a particularly-styled look. For other types of sessions women often enjoy having it done, but it is not necessary. We can talk it out with you, as really it depends on you, and the type of photos you’re envisioning.

Will you tell me how to pose?

Of course! We are truly going to provide a lot of guidance, you are in great hands!

When do I see my photos? What happens after my session?

Approximately two weeks after your session, we will invite you to our studio where we will assist you in choosing the best way to display your favourite images – we have some beautiful albums and many of our clients also choose to have wall prints created, which we love. We also offer digital photographs. Most importantly, we want to make sure you still love your choices 30 years from now.

Do you retouch the images? I’m worried about my stretch marks, wrinkles, cellulite or pimples.

Each image is lovingly hand-retouched to enhance your beautiful features. We have women who run the spectrum on what they envision, from little retouching to the full gamut. We work with you, no judgment, to ensure we hit the mark!

How will I feel afterwards?

You will feel empowered, sexy and walk a little taller. For many, this is quite an emotional experience. We keep tissues on hand.

Will you put my photos online for everyone to see?

Absolutely not, without your clear permission! We respect everyone’s different needs for privacy. All the photos you see online we have explicit and clear permission to share. Unless we have that, your images will be nowhere other than in your hands.