My Story

I am so passionate about this work.

When I take photos of women, and they come see them and say to me, “really that is me?” with joy, and sometimes tears, my heart sings. Us women, we really need to learn that we are enough. That we are beautiful, and we need to practice seeing that beauty.

This work – it really matters to me. You matter.

As a wedding and portrait photographer for 14 years, I have had many experiences photographing women. But in 2011, something clicked, and it was time to kick it into high gear. I started seeing the transformative and self-celebration of a photograph.

It can be a really effective process as women take the journey to self-acceptance.

I understand the trust you place in me, and how you might feel vulnerable. Women come to their session nervous and excited. Ask anyone who knows me – my passion for photography is equaled by my love, interest and compassion in people. I promise you, 20 minutes into your session we will be laughing and you will feel right at ease. By the time we are done, and even before seeing your photos, you will be walking taller and have an extra spring in your step. Then we will have you back to choose your photographs – that’s when it happens.

“That’s me?” you say, grinning. Perhaps your eyes are even welling up.

In a world that constantly tells women they are not okay the way they are, having the opportunity to show women through photographs how beautiful they are is such a blessing. I realized how much this work matters.

Let’s do this! It’s time – Karen McKinnon

More about me at: www.mckinnonphotography.com 

Comox Valley Business Awards 2016 Leadership Finalist, Best Customer Service Nominee

Comox Valley Record Newspaper Reader Choice Best Photographer 2016

Comox Valley Record Newspaper Reader Choice Best Photographer 2015

BC Photographer of the Year – Finalist for 2012, 2013 and 2014 (Professional Photographers of Canada)

Comox Valley Business Awards 2013 Best Customer Service Finalist

Comox Valley Business Awards 2008 Small Business of the Year