Your Story


I work with women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and reasons for having a  session. What they all have in common is the excitement, (and often some nerves.) 

The other thing they share? After the session they all tell me….

“This is something EVERY woman should do.”

Who is having photo sessions?

  • Women celebrating a milestone birthday
  • Those going through a transformation
  • Those that are working through a process of self acceptance (aren’t we all?)
  • Women who realize a  session is like a spa experience, but better – you are pampered, fulfilled but this time you walk away with even more
  • Women whose friends have had a  session and have heard how it is a “must”
  • Women are booking sessions to have images to give as a gift. The best part of this?
    It’s a gift that will be received with so much love and excitement, and at the same time is also a gift for yourself
  • Groups of women who are looking to celebrate together – check out our Boudoir Parties!